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up $25 /month

Website Support

Info Support Proofreading, Photo processing,
adding New Data to the Catalog

Developing E-commerce project you will eventually need to change information with up-to-date details (banners, texts, pictures, contact details etc.). Our web-support team is ready not only update all requested tasks, but also optimize the content and make it SEO-friendly in the short term.

Tech Support WordPress, Drupal, MODx,

Any website is a delicate mechanism as its work may be suspended or broken easily at any moment. To prevent any troubles we offer you technical support, which includes full control over the technical work and prompt correction of any errors affecting the its work.

SEO Support Complex Development Strategy

Along with website website promotion, work on the traffic increase and effective advertising placement, we always go further and offer combined development planning. Aligning all the strategies allows us to achieve long-term stable results and confidently move forward successfully increasing your website conversion.

Website management & Website Revision

from the Landing Page to the eCommerce

Landing Page

Landing pаge is a single page website type. On this type of the website all the information is divided into small blocks, which in a few words explains the point of the project to potential customers and calls them to react on the content. This method of presenting information is one of the most effective ways in promoting your offer on the market today.

$ 600 / 12 days


Website management services:

  • custom website design        
  • CMS (content management system)        
  • html-layout of text pages        
  • product catalog, shopping cart        
  • order processing news feed        
  • popular products, similar products        
  • product search, photogallery, portfolio brands        
  • direction, feedback form
$ 1,200 / 30 days

One month Support is FREE!

Website Revision

Finalization or functionality updates of an existing website is always considered one of the most difficult tasks, as before adding new features, it is necessary to analyze and study the structure of the existing project.

How much would cost the website finalization?

The answer to this question could be given after we give a look of the current website and analyze the state of the approximate amount of work on the basis of your request.

WebSite Backup

This is one of the most effective ways to keep the site and its content safe. Copying site usually occurs in two steps:

  • files copy
  • data base copy

Archive will be hosted on our servers. The procedure can be repeated with a certain periodicity. On request, we provide a copy of the site to the owner and, if necessary, restore a copy to the server.

up $ 20 / month

For our customers, this service is FREE!

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