Color does matter.Why don't they buy?


Helen Goloduke Helen Goloduke
Color does matter

Do you know that 60% people respond to visual data better than to any text description? About 80% of all these "visual people" are women. Moreover it is typical for females to have more color-sensitive cones in their eyes in comparison with males. So it's a small wonder that 91% women choose their garments mainly by color.

Your girl customer may even know theoretically that there are the same models in different colors. But an internal filter in her subconsciousness pushes her towards the dress that is actually to be seen in the color this girl looks for.

Does it mean you have to take photos of all the dress tints you produce? It's awfully expensive, isn't it?

As a matter of fact you need one and only picture and a bit of our help in order to show all possible color combinations to your customers and to increase your sales up to 62%.

Our support means complete photo processing package including photo fix, retouching and zoom when needed. The result is always a set of high-quality colored photos for your catalogue and lots of attention from your visitors.

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